Saturday, 7 April 2012

New pastures...

Dear all,

Hope you're enjoying the Easter weekend?

Just wanted to let you all know that I am moving over to wordpress and that you can find me at The website is live and almost complete which is very exciting! Feel free to check it out. I should be up and running very soon - a figure of speech! Although I am expecting baby number two in a month's time, I am planning to continue blogging and also showcasing the beautiful items I have for sale. I hope you will continue to like what I am doing and follow me.

As ever,

Kisses, Julianna


  1. congrats on the baby!! :D

  2. hi,
    nice blog. let me know if you'd like to get associated with a new start up related to fashion and styling. you can check the details and contact me at:

  3. Merhaba,

    GFC yakında kapanıyor. Takibi devam ettirmek için;



    Not: Takip ettiğim tüm blogları bu yerlerden sırayla takibe alıyorum. Haber vermek için böyle bir mesaj girdim. Teşekkürler...


    GFC will not be anymore on 1th July. Keep follow;



    P.S.: Im following from Bloglovin and G+ which i follow with GFC. I want to just tell my connection. Thanks...