Thursday, 26 January 2012

Happy feet!

Being almost six months pregnant with my second baby, I am increasingly frustrated as I pour over alluring, colourful Spring/Summer fashion images in magazines. I find myself coveting the most impractical items of clothing for a woman in my condition! Is it the fact that I can't wear these styles of clothing at the moment that is making me want to wear them even more?!

Out of habit, I have been looking for investment buys for Spring/Summer but it is difficult to unless the item is an accessory! I refuse to spend a fortune on maternity wear as it would be a waste of money and it is a risk investing in Spring/Summer clothes as I will have a post baby physique and will not be my body shape/size until I lose the extra baby weight! In the meantime, however, I have decided to cheer myself up with these very cosy Ash "Vanna Aviator" trainers, lined in sheepskin, which I managed to buy half price in the sale. They look lovely with my skinny Topshop maternity jeans and they give me happy feet!

As ever,

Kisses, Julianna

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