Sunday, 31 July 2011

The sun has got his hat on!

"The sun has got his hat on! Hip hip hip...!" At last, today feels like a summer's day. I don't usually like to get my short, solid legs out but I was so overjoyed to see the sun that I gave in and put on a playsuit!  After a very hectic week, we finally spent the day together as a family. We took the dog for a long walk this morning and then drove up to London and had a very enjoyable afternoon celebrating a friend's birthday lunch in a charming pub garden. Oh happy days! 

By the way, I'd like to introduce you to my daughter Beatrice (mostly known as Bea). As my husband was attempting to take some pictures she clambered up me as she wanted to be snapped too! I am wearing a playsuit from Whistles; a black leather plaited belt from Jigsaw; a gold chain with a french horn from Whistles; Rayban sunglasses and my favourite sandals which are from Prada and come out every summer. (Bea is wearing a floral dress from Cath Kidston and her red Crocs!) 

Long may this lovely weather last...

As ever,

Kisses, Julianna


  1. What a great photo, your playsuit is gorgeous and so is your daughter. She reminds me of my daughter Boo when she was smaller with that mop of beautiful dark curly hair. x

  2. Your daughter is beautiful! You both look so lovely.


  3. Love your outfit and Be a is beautiful!

  4. Lovely captured photo of you two! Both of you are gorgeous and adorable!

    xo, AiR

  5. Sooooo cute....both mom and daughter:)

  6. She's so cute! What a sweet photo! And great dress.


  7. Lovely picture

  8. I finally meet Bea, who's as lovely as you! Gorgeous pic - shall we go for a picnic the next weekend I'm down in West Sussex? Alexia

  9. I love your outfit! It's so gorgeous!

    And your daughter is so CUTE!!! My daughter has the same mop of curly, curly hair as well and I just love seeing kids hair the same texture; it just adds to their cuteness!


  10. Bea is so pretty. She's just as chic as her mommy.